Beekeeping Today Podcast: It Is Combplex – A New Approach To Varroa Treatments

Beekeeping Today Podcast: It Is Combplex – A New Approach To Varroa Treatments

Nov 10, 2019

Nathan Oaks, Hailey ScofieldJoining
this episode is a team representing one of the 18 finalist in the
Empire State Development and Cornell University’s Center for
Regional Economic Advancement for “Grow-NY”. Grow-NY is a
food innovation and agricultural technology business challenge
focused on enhancing the emerging food, beverage and agriculture
innovation cluster in the Central New York, Finger Lakes and
Southern Tier regions of the State.

Today’s guests, one of 199 teams competing for the $1-Million
prize developed an innovative approach and product “Combplex” to
fight the beekeeper’s #1 pest: The Varroa Mite. 

Jenn SmithFirst up is Jenn Smith from
Grow-NY who introduces the competition and provides the

From Combplex, co-owners Hailey Scofield and Nathan Oaks join
the episode. Hailey is a PhD candidate at Cornell University
in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior where she studied
honey bee thermoregulation and development under Thomas Seeley before
transitioning to work with Professors Scott McArt and Cole Gilbert
on more applied research on the impacts of transportation stress
and development in commercial migratory beekeeping

Nathan is currently a fifth-year PhD candidate at Cornell,
where he studies Computational Biology with Professor Philipp
Messer and looks forward to continuing to wear many hats as
Combplex grows.

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