Beekeeping Today Podcast: Pollinator Week: Adam Allington – The Business of Bees

Beekeeping Today Podcast: Pollinator Week: Adam Allington – The Business of Bees

Jun 21, 2019

Adam Allington is the producer and
host of the Bloomberg Environment podcast, The Business of Bees.
 Adam joins Jeff and Kim on this final podcast of the 2019
Pollinator Week series.

Business of Bees is a six-part podcast series that
introduces the listener to the business though in voices of those
in the industry, including several you’ve heard here (John Miller, BTP #002 and
Dr. Samuel Ramsey, BTP

Adam’s series is a easy to listen to, high quality podcast that
represents the pros and cons to the business, including how honey
bees helps to pollinate the nation’s crops. The series also touches
on the debate of honey bees vs. native pollinators.

The Business of Bees is available wherever you listen to or
download your podcasts, including Apple

Websites and links mention in the podcast:


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