Beekeeping Today Podcast: Pollinator Week: Davey Hackenberg – Commercial Beekeeper

Beekeeping Today Podcast: Pollinator Week: Davey Hackenberg – Commercial Beekeeper

Jun 18, 2019

Davey HackenbergDavey Hackenberg is a
second-generation of beekeeper following in the steps of his
father, Dave Hackenberg, in the honey and pollination business.
Davey lives in Lewisberg, PA where he and his family run Hackenberg
Honey, home of Buffy Bee Honey!

In this candid interview, Davey talks openly about the
year-round challenges he and other pollinators face as they travel
the country taking their bees to crops and orchards. If you want to
become a pollinator or dream about walking away from your office
job to become a full-time beekeeper, you just might want to listen
to this Beekeeping Today Podcast to hear the good and the
bad, the past and a glimpse of the future the commercial beekeeper.
Keeping your business ‘sideline’ may be your best bet! 

Davey is also featured in Peter Nelson’s The Pollinators movie. Jeff & Kim talk
with Peter in Beekeeping Today Podcast

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